The iBeacon App Development Solution for Internal and External Corporate Functions

Apple’s iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy devices such as tablets and smartphones to send information. It holds great promise for automating and personalizing several functions via compatible apps or operating systems. So far, it is being used by companies to trigger location-based services actions such as tracking customer location, sending personal offers etc. Three new iBeacon apps have been launched recently to leverage the beacon technology benefits for improving operations. These are –

1- iBeacon app for the exhibition industry : this application is highly advantageous for the exhibition centres to offer as a complementary service. The cost of Beacon applications is next to negligible and in the face of future competition, this will become an included deal in all service packs. With this application, the visitors of the exhibition or event will be guided through the course of the event without any assistance from an usher, all using a virtual device. It will save the employment of manpower and visitors can view the exhibition at the leisure. The application can be used to mark stalls or object of interest, locate it in the venue and to send personal notifications based on the visitor’s interest.

2- iBeacon app for your Enterprises activities : enterprises, irrespective of their size have some common operations that will only differ in size. The iBeacon application can be used to track employee activities, allocate tasks, measure work efficiency and productivity and even keep attendance records. The data will be saved on cloud for easy and secure storage and retrieval. Personalized messages and important notifications can be sent to individual employees or teams. This technology can be used to set work priorities and speed decision-making process. The application can be customized as per the individual business requirements of the company.

3- iBeacon app for an eCommerce Store : iBeacon has marked applications for the retail industry, both internally and externally in B2B and B2C transactions. Although this store has been designed for eCommerce stores, it can be used by brick-and-mortar stores with equal efficacy. Other than sending customer’s personal notifications on offers of interest, it can also be used to direct them to aisles where products they frequently purchase are placed, to direct them to exclusive sales among other things. It will not only enhance the shopping experience, but also free employees to manage the store operations as customers will not have to rely on them much.

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