The 5 Greatest Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the parallel web marketing for mobiles. It currently comes under four main types: SMS, MMS Advertising, Bluetooth Marketing, 2D bar codes and location-based marketing. Mobile marketing is still in an infant stage, but is extremely attractive and inexpensive.

Proximity marketing is on the front line in connecting potential customers to media advertisements. For example, the buyer might be at a supermarket, passing by a booth, or at a sporting event. In the event, consumers could receive a direct message on their mobile offering current promotions, specific discount codes, or other incentives.

This gives advertisers a powerful medium of communication through this new medium. First, it is crucial to understand the current rate of mobile users, currently the rate of mobile penetration is 87.6% in North America. This is the highest of all electronic media. So what exactly are the benefits of marketing to mobile users?

Benefits of Mobile Marketing:

Powerful: With the advance of the Mobile Internet, the consumer is available at any time, anywhere. It is precisely this point that the mobile is appealing. Geo-tagging allows you to make highly relevant campaigns for targeted ads. Depending on location, time or lifestyle, the messages may be different.

Relevant: Mobile marketing also offers accessibility and immediate communication with prospects. With this advantage, the messages can be customized to better promote the ad toward individuals.

Consumers: Consumers have a strong addiction to their mobile. Hence “mobile addiction” The advantage of this proximity is to be sure to communicate our messages to the mobile users in real time.

Profitable: Compared to rural radios or TVs, the introduction of a mobile marketing campaign is faster and less expensive because the consumer base is opt-ins and can be measured for its effectiveness by the advertiser quickly.

Versatile: The motive is not an object like the others. Besides its basic function, namely phone, users use it for many additional functions that can be used to conduct mobile marketing campaigns. For example, sending a game via the advertiser’s name, or dates of grand openings can automatically by synchronized to consumers devices when subscribed.

Medical professionals have jumped on mobile marketing’s versatility by connecting with patients. (Confirming appointments directly via sms, or offering outside products like seminars, or other web based products.)

Attracting a new audience that never visits websites via personal computers is another attractive reason. It may seem opportunistic, but the number of mobile terminals in the world far exceeds the number of computers and therefore users.

Before considering various mobile marketing tools, it is necessary to clarify that the legal rules are remarkably strict regarding the receipt of data on mobile. While consumers remain confused about the various provisions, the constitution and the qualification databases are governed by a particularly harsh opt-in. All these rules are consistent with the protection of consumers and must be followed exactly. Failure to do so will result in the severest punishments.

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